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          Two 决死设计 students working with teacher
          From tackling a pigeon poop problem at Kirtland Air Force Base to designing innovative Future Cities that strive to make the world a better place, Sandia Prep’s 决死设计 students engage in real-world, interdisciplinary lessons.

          在流行的全年选修,sixth-和第七级的冒险者开发产品,理念,并帮助社区的项目。在车间环境 桑迪亚国家实验室的自主创新的环境准备(空间),他们所从事的创造性,批判性,建设性和procesos教导一切从设计和工程团队合作。看看发生了什么事在我们的冒失鬼设计类在下面的更新:

          Latest 决死设计 News & Accomplishments


          校友尼玛Jamshidi火箭科学家 蓝色起源, expressed how Prep's 决死设计 students and generations after them will save our planet and shape the future of life in space. The video call with our 2000 graduate covered everything from reusable rockets and using water as fuel to affordable spaceflights and growing food on Mars.

          Founded by Jeff Bezos, 蓝色起源 is on a mission to build "a road to space so our children can build the future." The organization is hoping to accomplish this through things like reusable rockets and in-situ resource utilization.

          我们七年级的学生决死设计将访问先生。 Jamshidi在春假期间,在西雅图蓝色起源的大本营,将看到他们建造火箭和了解在太空中生存。 

          视频通话是先生的仅仅是个开始。 Jamshidi的辅导员我们有抱负的工程师。我曾经说,希望通过“激励下一代进入干的事业。”

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          The sixth- and seventh-grade DareDevils headed downtown recently to check out the Discovery STEM Festival. Students spent the morning at hands-on, interactive booths that included an escape room, robotics and coding, medicine, and drones and military technology.


          As part of the Lantern Project, DareDevils practiced the methodology of Design Thinking - principally, determining how and why they want to help a certain demographic or group of people in need. Students gave short presentations explaining their empathize process.





          The best middle school engineering design teams in the state converged on the University of New Mexico School of Engineering to see who had the most viable solution to innovating a resilient drinking water supply to a city 100 years in the future. 

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