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          Student Life » Outdoor Leadership Program

          Outdoor Leadership Program

          Centered on Leadership Development

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          During the 4-5 day Outdoor Leadership Program trips, students focus their attention on the following:

          • Responsibility: No-trace camping and the human impact on wilderness areas
          • History, ecology, and geology of the area: Much of the learning takes place as a result of student-generated questions and discussion.
          • Interpersonal communication: Effective communication is prompted by the group dynamics that occur in an outdoor environment. Learning stresses responsibility, empathy, compassion, and cooperation
          • Outdoor skills: Advanced skills in backpacking, canoeing, rock-climbing, and cross-country skiing.
          • Planning
          • Leadership
          • Problem-solving
          • Teamwork
          • Communication
          • Finding campsites
          • Setting up tents
          • Tying knots
          • Cooking in nature
          • Administering first aid
          • Learning outdoor sports

          A sample of past Outdoor Leadership Program excursions: 
          • Bouldering training
          • First Aid/CPR training
          • Cross-country skiing and yurt camping in Chama
          • Backpacking in the Cruces Basin, Elk Creek, and Gila Wilderness
          • Kayaking at Najavo Lake and Lake Powell
          • Caving at El Malpais
          • Summer hiking and camping trip through seven U.S. states
          • Summer hiking trip in Iceland



          502 Bad Gateway

        • Seventh graders learn about caving in lava tubes on one of four three-day trips to a primitive camping environment 125 miles west of Albuquerque, the El Malpais National Monument.


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